Tech.Rocks Summit 2019

04 déc. | 16:40 - 17:10

Future-proofing your Engineering organization

Salle : 1 - Master Stage


Alison Eastaway -- Head of Talent de Sqreen From early stage startup to scale up, your organisation has to undergo radical change. In the early days employees wear many hats, communication is informal and structure is flat. As you start to scale, all of sudden your team members might no longer have access to all of the information they did before, or as much of your time, they might not even report directly to you. Early employees can feel out of the loop - resistance to change, suspicion of newcomers. Intellectually they’re excited to see the company to grow, emotionally this is terrifying. My talk covers how to avoid the 8 common pitfalls of scale and uses key examples from how we've made this work this at Sqreen.

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