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Boost your impact, achieve maximum efficiency! 
CTOs : Welcome to the era of ultimate efficiency! Being effective as a Tech Leader in 2023 is crucial for a number of reasons - including : 

• Resource resilience: Develop your sustainable strategy!
An effective Tech Leader knows how to allocate resources wisely to maximise results, avoid waste and achieve set objectives. Talent, budgets, infrastructure or technology: how can you optimise the resources available? How can you capitalise on the productivity and operational excellence of your teams? How can we optimise work processes and reduce errors? And what impact will this have on the company's profitability and growth?

 • Agility and Leadership: successfully navigating the era of change!
Does a more 'efficient' approach enhance the ability to make informed decisions in shorter timescales? What posture and management style should you adopt as a Tech Leader? Solo or as part of a team, how do you deal with new opportunities and emerging challenges?

- The race for technological innovation: Take action!
Be efficient, Be AI? AI will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. A 26% increase in GDP is also predicted for local economies thanks to AI! (PWC study). How are tech teams adopting AI? What impact does generative AI have on the CTO's job? How do you make the leap and understand the essentials in this ever-changing ocean? How can these technological changes help you make decisions as a Tech Leader? What impact will this have on innovation cycles and time-to-market?

 One thing is certain: get ready to push back the frontiers of efficiency!

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