Tech.Rocks Summit 2022

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Scaling Organizations and Technology

Dec 9, 202207:40 - 8:30 AM

Comet Meetings - Plénière - JOUR 2

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As software professionals, our goal is to sustainably provide value to our customers via a fast flow of change. Decades of experience and industry research show us a few ways to do software well, and many ways to do software poorly. And exactly when we are doing well and are most successful, we need to grow our teams, scale our technology, and continually improve our practices. Using specific examples, this keynote will discuss how high-performing software organizations around the world have successfully scaled themselves over the long run. In a mutually self-reinforcing way, organization, technology, practices, and culture all work together to help us sustainably deliver better outcomes through software – sooner, safer and happier. We will first discuss organizing around empowered teams with clear goals and well-defined areas of responsibility. Then we will discuss service- and event-driven architectures that enable those teams to work independently. Next, we will discuss continuous delivery techniques that allow those teams to work in small batches with tight feedback loops. Finally, we will discuss a culture where teams learn from failure and continuously improve. You will leave with some powerful, proven, and often counterintuitive approaches to help your organizations deliver a fast flow of change to your customers.

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