Tech.Rocks Summit 2021

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Strategy is a shared narrative. A strategy that no one understands is like a tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear the thud. So how do you make it real? How do you turn that strategy from something vague, to something tangible. In this talk we'll pick away at that problem by exploring the North Star Framework. The North Star Framework is a model for managing products by identifying a single, crucial metric (the North Star Metric) that captures the core value that your product delivers to your customers. In addition to the metric, the North Star Framework includes a set of key inputs that collectively act as factors that produce the metric. Product teams teams can directly influence these inputs with their day-to-day work. My goal for this talk is to leave attendees with both a working knowledge of the North Star Framework, and inspiration for how your strategy can be made more visible and tangible.

Making your Product Strategy Accessible with the North Star Framework

10th Dec, 15:30 - 16:10

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