Tech.Rocks Summit 2021

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As the information age compresses time frames and unforeseen crises such as Covid-19 destroy existing organizational methods, the most important business question of our era is "how do we keep innovating in the face of change?" In this talk culture guru Erin Meyer explores a counter-intuitive set of principles for how to build an organizational culture for today's information age based on extensive research conducted with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings (and detailed in their new book No Rules Rules). Whether it's Freedom and Responsibility, Radical Honesty, or The Keeper Test, Meyer lays out a proven, systematic method for building, maintaining an enhancing a corporate culture that breeds speed, flexibility and innovation across the organization. You will learn: • How corporate culture impacts an organization���s flexibility. • Techniques for developing a corporate culture that breeds innovation. • How to keep your organization agile even as it grows larger and complexity increases. • Methods for developing a corporate culture that increases high performance, candor, and employee freedom.

No rules rules !

9th Dec, 12:40 - 13:45

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