Tech.Rocks Summit 2020


Dimitri BAELI




CPO for Aramis Auto buiding the website and mobile apps for the France’s leading car platform, expanding in Europe. CTO interim, mentoring, training for various companies, while actively contributing to the FlowCon Conference & the Tech.Rocks Tech Leaders network. 10+ years IT Leadership and Exec member at, eXoPlatform, setting up and running IT Teams based on Agile & Craftmanship principles. Based on team autonomy to work with Continuous Improvement of a high quality software. 10+ years building computer interfaces for several French software vendors, including Prima-Solutions (insurance software and UML modeling), Datox (web content management for media and publishing), Dotvision (with 3D and M2M networks), Almonde (banking software). Co-Founder of FlowCon ( -- yearly international conférence in Paris on Lean, Kanban, Agile team practices to work on a continuous flow). Co-Founder of Tech.Rocks (CTO Network and Yearly conférence in Paris) — Co-Founder of Agile Tour Rourn (an Agile conference) now part of Codeurs en seine — Skills: CTO, Agile, Lean, Java, Development, UI, UX, Software Factory

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