Tech Rocks 2018


Dataiku is on a mission to enable all people throughout a company to use data by removing friction surrounding data access, cleaning, machine learning, and its operationalization. To do so, we built software that leverages state-of-the-art framework like Spark, Tensorflow, etc., and makes them available to the masses, all with a well-crafted user experience that enables developers and non-developers alike to use such technologies. To succeed, we know we need to assemble the most talented engineering team on earth and help them to understand the stakes and their impact in terms of democratizing data science. It’s not about writing one data science app: it’s about helping others to write 1,000,000. This mission and these beliefs go far beyond Dataiku the product; they infiltrate our very culture and define us as a company as well. All new Dataiku employees - from data scientists to finance to marketing and everyone in between - take part in an extensive onboarding program in our Paris office to learn the ins and outs of Dataiku, and continuing education on a range of topics and available to everyone takes place every Friday. The success of our 200+ customers around the world is thanks directly to the people that make up Dataiku, and it’s important to us as a company that each team and individual is aware of their role in those accomplishments. Phew - if you've read all of that and made it to the end, thank you (and also, are you sure you don't work here already?). If you are not @dataiku yet, reach out to

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